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My favorite tribute to Robin Williams this week.

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EDDIE is going to play Stephen. Hawking!!!!! Oh my gracious I’m super excited about this!

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Disney and Game of Thrones. Brilliant!

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#youareamist “instead, you ought to say, ‘IF IT IS THE LORD’S WILL, we will live and do this or that.’” (at The River Christian Reformed Church)

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by Katie Rodgers creator of Paper Fashion, an outlet to share her fantastical watercolors with the world.

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LOL! Ricky has the best laugh and I love these 3 men.

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Here’s a supercut of every time Bob says “Oh my god.”

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O.M.G.!!!!! This. Is. Amazing. 

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"You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love!"

**Jim Carrey you just rocked my brain!

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[One The Bandwagon] 4 Layered Ombre FROZEN Cake For Lyla’s 6th Birthday.

Funfetti Cakemix, Strawberry frosting, Fluffy Frosting, crystal sprinkles and Home Made Rock Candy.

by Teri j. (Tia) and Jules (mommy)

*Lyla’s outfit was also handmade by my brilliant mother Donna j. 

**Cake stand DIY with glass plate, candle holder and E6000

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Design Crush

Beauty In Brokeness

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The one thing I hear people say is that they love a certain character but they think he’s a shit. People love Draper—and when he gets away with things. They love Pete Campbell, but they think he’s conniving. They love Joan, but they consider her promiscuous. They love Betty, but she’s a lousy mother. Viewers can hate a character and at the same time can’t take their eyes off of him. Sometimes you’ll hear executives say, The character’s not likeable enough. Well, this thing of “likeability” is TV bullshit. If you make a character likeable enough, no one will watch him.

– John Slattery
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Dad-O-Vision [Click to continue reading]

Things look a little different when you’re a dad

Lol. This is so great.

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